Board and Staff

Barred Owl at the CATS Ancient Oaks Trail


Tim Barnett
John Davis
William “Mike” Derrick
Vincent Dupont
Cynthia Ford-Johnston
Dan Keegan, Vice Chair
Nadine Lemmon, Chair
Janet Mallon
Annie McKinley
David McNamara, Treasurer
Rob Powell
Steven Shepstone
Martha Smiles


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Chris Maron
Executive Director

Bill Amadon
Stewardship Coordinator

Derek Rogers
Development Director


Pat Aiken
Bill Amadon
Sheri Amsel
Charlie Cammack
John Davis
George Davis
Lori Fisher
Todd Goff
Al Haberle
Meredith Hanna
Frisky Irwin
Steven Kellogg
Bruce Klink (1929-2014*)
Chris Maron
Leah Nelson
Patricia Parsons
Amanda Perez
James Phillips
David Reuther
Margie Reuther
Laura Smith
Ed Smith
Robin Ulmer
Denise Wilson

*February 5, 2014: We mourn the passing of Bruce Klink, one of our founders. Bruce and Steven Kellogg initiated the creation of CATS when they were in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport in 2006. Both were reading Wandering Home by Bill McKibben where he wrote about passing through our Champlain Valley towns of Essex, Westport, and Elizabethtown. They agreed that this area needed a network of hiking trails so they called several people together and thus began Champlain Area Trails. Now, in 2020, we have over 60 miles of new trails and a listing of over 40 local trails. We miss you Bruce. You have made a difference in this world.

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