CATS Grand Hike to the Essex Inn



People just had fun. The kids I saw were having a blast. That was great to see because that’s the future for hiking and land preservation.”

First-time Grand Hiker Tim Rowland on the 2017 CATS Grand Hike



Undaunted by a gloomy weather forecast, 250 hikers came out Saturday for the 2017 CATS Grand Hike and were rewarded with a perfect hiking day of cool temperatures and slightly overcast skies. People of all ages enjoyed peak springtime scenery of greens fields, delicate wildflowers and blossoming trees as they hiked the 12-mile route from Wadhams to Essex. The enthusiasm and smiling faces were truly contagious.

The rains conveniently held off until the tail end of the block party so after “bonging the gong” to celebrate finishing the hike, everyone had plenty of time to enjoy music by Zip City Blues Band.  For tired muscles, people appreciated the restorative yoga and chair massage provided by Lake Champlain Yoga & Wellness. Kids enjoyed an art table hosted by Erin C. Hall Studio. And, to commemorate the day, a free photo booth was provided by Overtime Photography.

We have so many people to thank for helping make the 2017 Grand Hike such a success:

Bill Amadon, Sheri Amsel, Bill Bardeen, Sharon Boison, Ted Cornell, John Davis, Tom Duca, Helen Eagle, Cynthia Fairbanks, Matt Foley, Steven Kellogg, Melissa Maki, Michelle Maron, David McNamara, Clorinda Moore, Jen Moore, Rebecca Palmer, Robert Powell, Vivian Reiner, Susan Smith, Audie Sparre, Sharp Swan, Maeve Taylor, and Delia Thompson.
And these organizations: Camp Dudley, College for Every Student, Cornell Cooperative Extension Service, Dak Bar, Dogwood Bread Company, Ernie’s Market, The Essex Inn, Essex Initiatives, Gratitude for Wellness, Lake Champlain Yoga & Wellness, Lakeside School, Moriah School Board and Superintendent William Larrow, The Village Meat Market, Willsboro School Board and Superintendent Stephen Broadwell. Thanks to our four bus drivers Charlene Lobdell, Michelle Koenig, Nestor Rodriguez and Art Coogan.

Special thanks to Ken Hughes (MacMan) for tech support.






























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