Scenic/Nature Winners

First Place Winner- Randy Stacey

cynthia stacey

Painted Heavens– Summers at Grandmother’s camp in Ferrisburgh, Split Rock Mountain was our constant view. When broad lake was calm, we’d boat along the base of the its undeveloped shoreline. Oh, how I longed to explore this beautiful inaccessible mountain! Fast forward 40 years: it’s been a delight and privilege to experience the miles of trails of Split Rock Mountain Wild Forest. On October 2013’s busiest foliage weekend, we sought refuge there. A spot of sun piercing the dense forest drew our eyes upward, and my husband caught this painting of the heavens, one of many moments of incomparable peace and beauty.

People’s Choice Winner- Stuart Hutchins

aran voss scenic
Champlain Sunrise– This picture was taken from the boat launch in the Champlain Valley Town of Westport early in the morning just as the sun came over the Green Mountains. Every time I look at this picture it hits me how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.

Judge’s Second Place Selection- Liz VanderWiele

liz v scenic 2
Misty Lake– I was driving past the lake one day and it happened to look so beautiful. So I pulled over in the car and snapped this.

Judges Third Place Selection- Heidi Strong

heidiBy The Dawn’s Early Light– I recently moved to Westport. After a 25 year romance with Lake Champlain, I knew that visiting was not enough! The one constant view I have enjoyed is right outside the bay window. I call it “My Big Screen TV”, never need to change the channel! The morning light captivates one with the first glimmer or blush that could be described as Mother Nature yawning, rubbing the sleep from her eyes! Next, strong rose and gold streaks that rise quickly above the mountain tops. It was one of those mornings that I remembered American’s National Anthem and the words came to me …”By The Dawns Early Light”. And so I title this photo – By The Dawn’s Early Light

Judges Fourth Place Selection- Michael Pedden

michael pedenSplit Rock View– As grounded beings we cannot actually fly as the birds do without the aid of aircraft. But, here on the less trodden eastern escarpment of the Split Rock Preserve where the mountains plunge in rugged steepness to the relatively inaccessible coast of Lake Champlain; a hallmark of this preserve, it is not impossible to join with the birds in spirit by spending some quiet time on one of the many high crags directly overlooking the Lake far below. In this photo taken on one peacefully idyllic October morning, Lake Champlain is obscurred by clouds below the point of observation. Vermont’s Camel’s Hump Mountain lies beyond in the distance. One of my favorite places; this Preserve.


Judges Fifth Place Selection- Michael Brenish

michael brenishMining for Autumn Gold– From Moriah’s Cheney Mountain, the historic iron mines appear like pyramids amidst Adirondack fall splendor, with a backdrop of the High Peaks.





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