Towns/Villages Winners

First Place Winner- Katherine Clark

katherine clark 1Westport Mural– Right after I moved to Westport, a town I had driven through hundreds of times throughout my life, I knew I had dramatically overlooked a gem in the Adirondacks. Walking along the sidewalks, I found Ballard Park, with it’s grand theater pavilion shielded from the view of travelers along Route 9. The beautiful mural near the telephone company and many other surprises made the town feel like a home before I even met anyone who lived there. My friend Marie came to town from Burlington and fell in love with the place right alongside me. It’s made me think twice about stopping in more towns I’ve always just driven through.

People’s Choice Winner- Chris Putnam

ti black beach

Black Point Beach– I was born in Troy, New York and pretty much raised in that region until I was 16 years old. My mom moved us up here to get away from the “city life” for a while. I graduated here in moriah and moved back downstate for less than a year. The peace and tranquility found on a summer night like this, at Black Point Beach in Ticonderoga, that’s just one thing that brought me back and made me decide that this was HOME.

People’s Choice Winner- Barbara Beebe-Brassard

barbara bb village
Moriah Town Hall- Living in the Town of Moriah one is exposed to amazing architecture on a daily basis. One of the most impressive structures is the Moriah Town Hall located on Park Place in the Village of Port Henry. Built in 1875 in the Second Empire style, it has always been an office building and originally housed the Witherbee, Sherman & Co. offices.




Judge’s Second Place Selection- Susan Martini

susan martini villageBegg’s Park– There is something so charming and quaint about the little towns found up in the north country! For some towns it is the architecture that draws people’s attention; for other towns, it is their scenic local. But what I find most appealing about these small towns is their good ol’ hometown feeling when people gather to celebrate. This picture was taken at a Fourth of July celebration at Begg’s Park in Essex, NY (leapfrog event). The Fourth of July celebration in Essex is an annual event. People from near and far come to this celebration to experience that old-time, hometown feeling and don’t go away feeling disappointed.

Judge’s Third Place Selection- Bethany Teitelbaum

bay farm winter 2010-11 104Ice Fishing– When we bravely adventured out after a February’s snow left Essex in a deep freeze, we didn’t expect to encounter another living soul. Walking briskly to keep warm, we headed to Whallons Bay and Albee Lane. It was cold, windy, dead quiet and Lake Champlain glistened with a blanket of snow covered ice. Piercing the silence were our breaths beneath our balaclavas and the crackling of snow beneath our boots. Just as we agreed that winter in Essex was not fit for man or beast, we delighted in seeing a lone ice fisherman anticipating his catch beneath his frozen hunting ground.

Judge’s Fourth Place Selection- Jelane A. Kennedy

Covered Bridge TI

Walking into a Hallmark Card– The sun has dipped behind the clouds and the air is crisp. You have just strapped your snow shoes on to begin your winter hike at the town park in Ti. The bright white snow makes you want to smile and remember being 10 again frolicking in the snow!


Judge’s Fifth Place Selection- Jordan Finnerty

stepsSteps to the River– This picture was taken at my home in Paradox. These stairs lead up to my house and down to the river.

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