Trails Winners

First Place Winner- Bethany Teitelbaum


Name That Peak– It was a mild November morning when my husband and I decided to pack a lunch and hike the CAT’s Gilligan trail. CAT’s description of beautiful views of the Dix Range lured us onto Gilligan and to it’s ridge. We had hiked the Dix Range (Macomb, South Dix, East Dix and Hough) only a few months earlier and were excited to take in the promised view. We were not disappointed! Sitting on the rocky outcropping, we played “Name That Peak” and vowed to return in the Fall to witness mother nature’s foliage extravaganza in this intimate mountain setting.



People’s Choice Winner- Kari Zurlo

(also Judge’s Third Place Selection)

kari zurlo

Overcoming Fear– We spent our spring/summer/fall hiking 48 glorious trails. On this particular day, we met friends at the Rattlesnake trailhead. We were excited about a new mountain to explore. Everyone that is, except for my daughter. It took lots of reassuring. A lot of encouraging. A bit of education. She heard “rattlesnake” and did not want to go. With a lot of hand holding we reached the summit. What a view! I snapped this photo of her looking out over Lake Champlain. I like to think she was contemplating life. No doubt pleased with herself for overcoming her fear.

Judge’s Second Place Selection- Susan Martini

susan martini trails

South Bouquet– One of the best short hikes along the Champlain Area Trails has got to be the hike up South Bouquet. For those occasional hikers who wish to see the beauty of the Champlain Valley and Lake Champlain, without spending their day hiking up a 46’er just to get the view, the South Bouqet trail is ideal. This hike is a perfect family hike that can be handled by all ages. Our family, with the family dog in tow, hit the trail over the Columbus Day weekend and enjoyed not only the view from the top of South Bouqet, but the beauty along the way. We walked along the well-marked trail while red, yellow and orange leaves drifted gently past our faces as they fell from the trees . . . our dog, Emma, stopping occasionally to check on us slower members of the family. The leaf-covered trail winds around the mountain and eventually leads to a rocky overlook. From the overlook you get an incredible view of the valley below, the surrounding Adirondack mountains and Lake Champlain. You cannot beat the view or the enjoyment you will get from this short scenic hike!

Judge’s Fourth Place Selection- Aran Voss-Hutchins


Millipede Mushroom– During one of our many hikes at the Split Rock Trail I took this photo of a Millipede on a mushroom and have always loved its simple beauty. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to hike so close to home thanks to the CATS Trails.



Judge’s Fifth Place Selection- Laura McDaniel


Family Photo– My family and I have hiked many of the CATS trails, before the little ones were born, while they were in utero, carried on our backs, and now on their little feet. We look forward to hiking them in the future as they grow older and the trails extend through the Champlain Valley. This day we took an adventure perfect for our little ones. At the top we had lunch with some good friends but forgot to ask for a family photo. After they left I set up the camera for a timed shot and lucked out with this family photo.

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