Hamlet-to-Hamlet Hiking

Part of the Champlain Area Trails (CATS) MISSION is to create trails that “link communities.”  We have made great progress in that area.

In October of 2013 we had our first HAMLET-TO-HAMLET Hike with over 60 people hiking from the Dogwood Bread Company in Wadhams to the Essex Inn in Essex.  That was such a success, we planned our first GRAND HIKE for May of 2014.  Over 200 people came out to hike from The Westport Hotel in Westport to the Essex Inn in Essex.  In 2015, we held the SECOND GRAND HIKE, with over 250 people coming out to hike from Westport to Essex, followed by the 2016 Westport to Essex Grand Hike, again with over 250 hikers.

In September of 2016, CATS sponsored a “Ferry to Fairgrounds” hike as part of the first Adirondack Harvest Festival held at the Essex County Fairgrounds in Westport.  A group of hikers hiked from the Ferry in Essex to the County Fairgrounds where they enjoyed local food, music, and demonstrations and information from local farms.

We are planning more organized HAMLET-TO-HAMLET Hikes in the future, but we also encourage YOU to create your own town to town hikes and share them with us.

HAMLET-TO-HAMLET HIKERS – In the summer of 2015 we heard about Rachel Pohl who, along with her mother, Donna, were planning a town to town hiking vacation and asked for our help in planning a route.  We suggested a route for them and in November of 2015, Rachel, Donna, and Siberian Husky Daisy started their adventure!  They took our suggestions and made some side trips of their own along the way.  Follow the links below to see photos and read about their trip.

Day 1 -Ticonderoga to the Champlain Bridge
Day 2 – Poke-O-Moonshine
Day 3 – Pharaoh Mountain

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